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We found the program gave us a fantastic platform to get our premium funding venture on board, and the support offered by the FlexiFundIt team was outstanding. As well as the induction training we also received a comprehensive operational manual that took us through every step of the program. I would have no hesitation in recommending the FlexiFundIt software to any Broker wishing to establish themselves in this space by providing an in-house premium funding solution to their clients.

William PaullManaging Director Consolidated Insurance Pty Ltd

We saw the potential to grow our income by investing I our own premium funding business, the Team at FlexiFundIt were fantastic and helped us get started. I can highly recommend the FlexiFundIt Software to any other Brokers who also are looking to maximize their income by establishing their own premium funding business.

Les EngelbrechtCorporate Broker 20:20 Insurance Services Pty Ltd
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