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    Fee Funding Software

    Fee Funding Software that Works for You

    The FlexiFund It Fee Funding Software is an easy-to-use solution for funding and managing client loans for your professional fees. This intelligent software provides your customers with flexible payment options while securing the full payment of your services.

    With this fund collection software, you can reduce your overheads for managing loans and fees while minimising the risk of your clients defaulting on their loans. It also automates your entire funding and payment process, allowing you to control more transactions in less time and with less work. Together, these benefits allow you to retain more customers, improve your service, and grow your client base.

    Contact us today to find out what our professional services fee funding software can do for your business.

    Features and Benefits

    The FlexiFund It Fee Funding Software is designed to benefit both you and your customers.

    Company Benefits

    • Complete Automation – Spend less time on manual tasks and focus more on your work. Our software can manage the entire funding process for you – from quotes to the collection. Automating tasks also helps eliminate human error in your transactions, creating a more consistent service for your clients.
    • Mobile Access – Our cloud-based software provides 24/7 access to your system, allowing you to manage accounts even when you’re out of the office.
    • Multiple Branches and Users – Whether you operate out of one office or multiple branches, you can scale our software to handle several branches and users simultaneously.
    • Loan Management for the Life of the Contract – Our software will manage your client’s loans until they are fully paid and your professional fees accounted for.
    • Customisation of the System – Tweak features and system functions to align with your business procedures and how you do your work.
    • Traceability – Track every loan and transaction no matter how small or long ago it was. Our reliable tracking system ensures you can pull up information quickly and easily whenever you need it.
    • Reports – Get detailed reports that provide accurate information on client transactions and loans.
    • Additional Income Stream – Build another income stream in your business from your existing client base.
    • Full Control of Client Relationship – You control the relationship with your client. Our software simply makes your relationship smoother and more manageable for both sides.

    Client Benefits

    • Flexible Payment Plans – Provide your clients more ways to pay for your service fees. Our system allows them to pay using a variety of debit and credit payment options.
    • Regular payments – Allow them to budget more efficiently by providing a clear and predictable payment structure.
    • Electronic Interface with Third Parties – We manage all interfacing with banks and financial institutions and provide electronic access for more convenient payment processing.

    What Makes Our Fee Funding Software Different?

    Designed for Professional Services

    The FlexiFund It Fee Funding Software is designed by professionals for professionals.

    We’ve structured our software around the tasks that professional services deal with every day, providing you with more practical and useful platform for your business.

    We’ve also designed it to be flexible enough to serve different fields, ensuring you can use it no matter what service line you are in. Whether you’re a veterinarian, a lawyer, an accountant, or a business consultant, our software will feel right at home in your business and help you work smarter.

    With our fund collection software, you can stay confident that you have a system that’s tailored for what you do and how your business operates.


    No matter how big or small your business may be, you can use our professional services fee funding software to help you grow.

    With its solid framework and flexible design, you can scale your system up or down depending on your needs. This makes it suitable for whatever type or size your business may be.

    Our software also leaves room for expansion when it arrives. With its ability to host multiple users and branches at once, our software allows you to scale its functions across multiple offices and different markets.

    As your business grows, our fee funding software will also grow with you.

    Training and Support

    At FlexiFund It, we don’t just provide advanced financial software solutions – we also create partnerships.

    We offer both on-site and off-site training and support to ensure you get the most out of our software and create the most value for your business. Our off-site training – which is included in your initial establishment fee – includes phone walkthroughs and training modules. This allows you and our trainer work through your system simultaneously. We also provide on-site training upon request (with additional fees) if you want more in-depth training for your team.

    If you need ongoing support after we’ve set up your system, we also offer technical support through phone or email. Our technical support team is our first line of assistance, providing help for any common issues you may have with your system.

    We provide LiveChat and ticket lodgement features on our software, which you can use if you need more in-depth assistance from our team. We can also arrange a Skype session and deliver other remote access capabilities that may better suit your schedule.

    Reliable Fee Funding Software for Professional Services

    At FlexiFund It, we focus on improving your service and strengthening your client relationships.

    By streamlining your payment process and automating your loan management, our professional fee funding software allows you to focus on the most important thing for your business: your service to clients.

    Our fee funding solution provides all the tools you need to deliver a higher quality of service, providing your customers with more payment choices and helping improve client retention.

    With features and functions designed specifically for professional services, our funding software will enable you to do more work in less time. Forget getting bogged down by busywork and administrative tasks – with the FlexiFund It Professional Fee Funding Software, you’ll have more time doing work that matters.

    Call us on 1300 850 890 if you need more information about our fund collection software. You can also send an online message for any other enquiries.

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