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    Premium Funding Software

    FlexiFund It Premium Funding is a unique, intelligent software program developed for the cloud that incorporates all the systems, procedures and documentation you need to run your own Premium Funding Company.

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    Fee Funding Software

    FlexiFund It Fee Funding is easy to use “intelligent” software for the management of financial loans that gives you the ability to fund and manage your own in-house finance company.

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    Payment Plan Software

    FlexiFee It is designed to benefit both you and your customers. It is cloud-based software that incorporates all the systems, procedures and documentation you need to offer payment arrangements to your clients.

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    FlexiFund It Software and Applications

    At FlexiFund It, we focus on providing bespoke software that helps our clients create more value in their business by streamlining financing and payment processes that allow them to provide their clients and customers with payment for service solutions.

        • FlexitFundIt Premium Funding Software – a cloud-based program that brings together all necessary systems, procedures and documentation for operating your premium funding business. This application offers quick and easy management of your core activities, including the calculation of any funding requirements, the tracking of all financial agreements and completing administrative tasks.
        • FlexiFund It Fee Funding Software – designed for the effective management of service fees that your business renders. We can modify this program to match the requirements of your industry and business activities. This financial planning software is also designed to keep your clients happy by providing them with more options for paying your business fees.

    Ways Our Software Can Help Your Business

      • Automation – From quoting to the collection, you can automate every step of your funding or payment structure for simpler and faster processing. With our financial planning software, you can eliminate the wasted time that comes with manual processing and other busywork. We’ll help you simplify all these processes so you can focus on doing the work that truly matters.
      • Mobile Access – We live in a mobile and digital world, so it only makes sense that your funding and payment systems adapt to modern times. All FlexiFund It business software and applications are built with mobile access, giving you easy access to your system no matter what mobile device you use. Whether you’re working from your office computer or checking payments on your phone, our software allows you to access your system whenever and however you want.
      • Traceability – Keep track of every transaction and process implementation, so you’ll never lose sight of any funding, fee or payment made. This tracking ability also allows you to record every business transaction with your clients, providing instant references when you need it.
      • Detailed Reports – Our software’s reporting features offer information and data that allow you to manage your business effectively and efficiently. These tools allow you to measure and evaluate key areas in your business so you always have your finger on the pulse. With FlexiFund It, you can work, measure and improve your way to better results.
      • Customisation – Because every business is different, we’ve designed our letters and templates to be customisable at every key level. Although we’ve designed our software to work with almost any business setting, you can customise it easily correspond and communicate to your clients your way to make it completely your own.

    Need more information about our automated business software? Contact us to find out more.

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