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Funding Automation Software That Creates
More Business, More Value, More Often

FlexiFundIt is a provider of in-house management software, specialising in insurance premium funding and professional fee financing.

Our customised end-to-end software applications provide a cost-effective solution for both premium funding and fee financing. The flexibility of our software allows you to attract new customers, retain existing clients, and enjoy increased profits.

FlexiFundIt is dedicated to delivering our clients with a tailored quality solution. We continue to invest in research and development, so that our ‘intelligent’ software remains user-friendly whilst delivering reliable solutions for your business.

Our team, lead by founder and managing director Greg Rynenberg, offers expert advice and guidance to get you started, as well as continual mentorship and support. Our package includes induction training to learn each facet of the cloud-based finance management system software and an extensive operational manual to lead you through each step.

Regardless of your size, add a valuable asset to your business today. FlexiFundIt is the ideal solution to increase profitability, whilst providing flexibility. Incorporating a fully integrated service to your business and enjoy the benefits of more business, more value, more often.

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