Payment Plan Software

Join the Payment Plan Revolution

FlexiFee It is cloud-based software that incorporates all the systems, procedures and documentation you need to offer payment arrangements to your clients.

Our payment plan solution provides all the tools you need to deliver a higher quality of service, giving your customers more payment choices and helping improve client retention.

FlexiFee It is the simple way to add a new, profitable income stream to your business and provide a valuable new financial service to clients.

Features and Benefits

The FlexiFee It Software is designed to benefit both you and your customers.

How Does It Work?

Manage Payment Plans 

Easily set up multiple payment plans with direct debit support. Create customised payment plans based on your committed term, the frequency of billing and start date.

Save time, cost, and resources

Manage your payment plans on one platform and eliminate the manual calculation, collection of funds and company overheads. Let our software automate your entire payment collection process allowing you to control more transactions in less time and with less work.

Increase business sales through automation

Minimise the risk of your clients defaulting on their payments through our fully automated software. Retain more customers, improve your services and grow your client base.

Start the conversation today

With features and functions designed specifically for professional services, our smart payment plan software will enable you to do more work in less time. Forget getting bogged down by busywork and administrative tasks – with the FlexiFee It Software, you’ll have more time doing work that matters.

Call us on 1300 850 890 or email us at and learn more information about our payment plan software.

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