1. Is your software integrated with a payment gateway?

Yes, integrated with an approved payment gateway, allowing automatic payment from the clients account into your account.


  1. Do you offer a pricing structure?

Yes, there is a pricing structure, there is a set up cost and a monthly subscription fee based on volume of loans written.


  1. Do you need a credit licence with ASIC?

You only need a licence if you are doing consumer loans e.g. house and car insurance. However, exemption can be granted. This is something we discuss further.


  1. How long is my licence valid for?

Licence subscription fees are paid monthly, and are valid for however long you intend to operate your finance business.


  1. What training and support is offered?

Full training is offered on commencement as well as ongoing support via our 24hr hotline 1300 850 890 and Live Chat function.


  1. Is there a minimum company size to utilise your products?

No, there is no limit to the company size using FFIT software. In fact, the sooner you start your own funding program, the sooner you can reap the benefits.


  1. Is your product used for personal loan software management?

Yes, our software is a payment management system complete with automatic follow up on defaults reporting and can be accessed across a number of branches and users.


  1. Does FFIT software have a built in account general ledger?

It allows for journals and records to be kept, but the company still needs to use a general accounting software i.e. Xero or MYOB. The plan is to be able upload files into these accounting systems.


  1. Is the premium funding software compliant with New Zealand consumer finance law?

The system can be designed and made compliant with each Territory and/or location. We would need to work with you and your legal advisor to ensure your business meets local regulations.


  1. Is the software available in New Zealand?

Yes, FFIT software is a cloud based operating system and accessible from multiple devices around the globe.


  1. Is FFIT software Australian owned and operated?

Yes, it was created by our Managing Director, Greg Rynenberg, in Brisbane. Greg has in excess of 30 years’ experience with his own in-house premium funding business, in which he has developed cutting edge software.


  1. Do you have a demo of the software program?

Yes, please email hello@flexifundit.com.au for a demo.


  1. Do you have any integrations with broking systems i.e. Eclipse, Broker Plus and Insight?

No, not at this stage. This is something that we are working towards.

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